Drive Safer.

Make More Money.

No more missing trips

No more needless idling

No more distracted driving

Who Uses Mystro?

Mystro has over 100,000 users nationwide in every state where Uber and Lyft operate.
Eric, California
Tripled my earnings in my last three months using Mystro!!! Love this app! Looking forward to the future of Mystro! Thanks!!!
George, Maryland
Started using Mystro and I love it! Increased my pay by about 30%. I've earned as much as $24 in one rush hour period.
William, Tennesse
Absolutely every ride-sharing driver needs this app. Makes you the money it costs daily. Much safer and more productive. It's a win win.
Earn more
Stay available on all apps.
Filter unprofitable trips.
Never miss a trip.
Drive easier
Auto-switch apps on and off.
Auto-accept trips you want.
Ignore unwanted trips.
Drive safer
Never touch your phone.
Never look at a trip request.
Stay 100% focused on driving.
Switch apps without touching your phone

How It Works

App Switching

Toggles all your apps on and off.

Trip Filtering

Evaluates your trip requests.

Service Filters

Accepts only your ideal trips.

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